Friday, November 21, 2008

Water Is My Favorite

The Erosion Sink- Topographical awesomeness.

Taken from 16 Modern Sink and Wash Basin Designs, There's some awesome and pretty stuff and most of them are really green friendly, requiring less water to fill, or causing us to think about our water usage, Like the ones above and below.

I really like the basic concept for this one, there's no valves or faucets, you lift up the one rock to allow the water to flow and fill up the pool, and then when finished lift up the other rock to allow the water to drain, completely conscious of how much you use. All very zen, if perhaps a little impractical, especially if all you want is a glass of water.

Greener Space

Photos of an abandoned church with the surfaces covvered in living grass. I cannot find the original artist, but it reminds me of Misha's B.F.A. piece, although I think this kind of tops that a bit. The photos on the inside are particulary brilliant, a little haunting even.

Packing Some Art

These are portraits and oter works made entirely out of layers of packing tap illuminated from behind. The creations of Mark Khaisman.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Packing Some Design

Snip line packing tape

There are tons of awesome designer tape, and theres an awesome collection of about 20 of them here

These are some of my favorites, there's also several lacy vareities as well.

Instant Frame packing tape

Clouds packing tape

But Little Optimus is Pretty Adorable.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rights should be =

There are over 1000 enumerated Rights, Responsibilities, and Privileges that come with marrige, and pretty much all of them have absolutely nothing to do with with either religion or reproduction.

A good list of some of them can be found on Wikipedia here

Via Chris Glass

Sunday, November 16, 2008

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Is My Plan At Least

Actually During the time we raised mice, one of the longest lived of the boys sort of kept this strategy. We kept his cage in a giant tub, and no matter how old he got he could always slip between the bars. Quite the opposite of his brothers and sister, who got quite chubby, and rotund in general. He was thusly named Jailbreak

Thou Shalt Not Confuse Iconoclasm With Bigotry

Letter From God - by: Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip

Also By Them:

-Thou Shalt Always Kill
-The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Charting The Difference

My Dad pointed this out to me. Again, I must reiterate my love of strange graphs and charts.

Just Because We Won Doesn't Mean It's Over.

Shannyn Moore wrote a great piece about what may be a significant case of voter fraud in Alaska: According to the statistics, this year's turnout is still smaller than the election of 2004 by 6.1%.

"Relevant Facts:
1) The 1,700% increase in the Democratic Caucus
2) 20,991 newly registered voters
3) The three largest political rallies in Alaska's history were held in September and October.
4) Early voters set an historic record. 25,000 Alaskans showed up to vote early in 2008 vs 11,000 in 2004; an increase of 127%!
5) 12.4% more Alaskans showed up for the August primary as compared to four years ago, before the Palin nomination.
6) The average Presidential Election turnout since we started keeping records is 66.7%. The 2008 Alaska voter turnout (including the uncounted 74,527 ballots) is 60.1%. THE LOWEST GENERAL TURN OUT save Clinton/Dole 96'.
7) The Lower 49 had a record voter turnout this year.
8.) 80% of Alaskans approved of Sarah Palin just two months ago.
9) Anchorage Daily News front page on Election Day: Personnel Board Exonerates Palin She flew home to vote with Alaskans.
10) An unprecedented 16 point come-from-behind lead for Congressman Don Young over challenger Ethan Berkowitz.
11) Ted Stevens 7 felony convictions.
12) Don Young under investigation; spending over $1 million on legal fees this year."

The full article is Here, and overall it paints a pretty convincing and overall scary picture of the state of voting in this country.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Hope This Graph Is Accurate

I always liked Graphs, sometimes they feel pretty pointless but I still love them.

Safety First.

It's a Delicate Mechanism

This is pretty incredible already, before you find out that the whole thing is made of paper. My mind boggles at the level or precision this would require.

Via BoingBoing

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who So Ever Shall Be Found, With Out Soul For Getting Down...

I blogged this too late for Halloween, but it's only a day past the 25th Anniversery of the Original Thriller music video, and this is a pretty awesome remix/remake.

Best. Song. Ever.

It's not quite as good as the original, but if you don't like this song, I don't want to like you.